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James River Week

Join the James River Advisory Council for a weeklong celebration of the James!

JRAC is proud to announce that the 15th Annual James River Regional Cleanup will kick off a weeklong celebration of the James. In addition to the cleanup, James River Week will include fun and educational programs and events for all ages, including a guided paddle, a river cruise to search for sturgeon, a history event, and dining and social events. There’s something for everyone. Join us!

A common resource

The James River Advisory Council serves as a forum for the diverse interests along the James River in Central Virginia and communicates with public officials about issues and challenges facing the river and its resources. JRAC’s vision is to unite the community by supporting and promoting the James River as a common resource and preserving its health, beauty, heritage, economic vitality and recreational value.

JRAC is a regional council including representatives from eight jurisdictions, businesses and industry, civic organizations and individuals. By leading many discussions about the river, and planning and organizing regional events, programs and activities, the council sets the tone for positive and interactive relationships among many partners throughout the region.

George Bruner, Co-chair

Carson Tucker, Co-chair

Kimberly Conley, Executive Director

James River Days

Join us for new 2014 Events!

Stewards of the River

Award recipients honored!

James River Week

Sept 13 - 20

Join us for a weeklong celebration of the James!